What are Ceramic Blow Bars?

Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) Ceramic Blow Bars also known as Cearmic Blow Bars, include:

  • Chrome Iron Matrix with Ceramic Composites Blow Bars;
  • Martensitic Alloy Steel Matrix with Ceramic Composites Blow Bars;

Ceramic Blow Bar is one of the most common impact crusher wear parts. It combines the high resistance of the metal matrix with extremely hard ceramics.

Porous preforms made of ceramic particles are produced in the process. The metallic molten mass penetrates into the porous ceramic network.

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    Why Choose GTEK™ Ceramic Blow Bars?

    ① We offer OEM interchangeable impact crusher parts & liners;

    ② Wear-Resistant but Impact-Resistant at the same time;

    ③ We have rich experience and knowledge in the casting process;

    ④ We extend the service life of the impact crusher liners;

    ⑤ We provide more reasonable and competeable prices;

    ⑥ We provide more professional services and suggestions.

    1. Ceramic Particles; 2. Basic Material (Martensite or Chorme Steel);

    Metallurgy of the Metal Matrix Ceramic Blow Bars

    The combination of metal matrix and extremely hard ceramics makes the blow bars especially wear-resistant but at the same time very impact-resistant. With blow bars made of composites from the field of ceramics, a service life that is three to five times as long as that of martensitic steel can be achieved.

    Martensitic Alloy Steel Matrix + Ceramic Composites

    Martensitic alloy steel with ceramic is a premium composite metallic matrix steel with hard ceramic alloy inserts on the wear surface. The hard alloy ceramics combined with martensitic steel matrix provides a significant working life advantage over standard martensitic steel blow bars.

    • This material is commonly used in recycling industries and primary crushing in quarries. Certain applications are unsuitable for this material, including limestone crushing and slag recycling.
    • E.g. primary crushing of sandstone mine, construction waste recycling, concrete, natural stone.
    Martensitic Alloy Ceramic Composites Blow Bars
    Chrome Iron Matrix + Ceramic Composites

    Chrome Iron with ceramic is a premium composite metallic matrix iron with hard ceramic alloy inserts on the wear surface. The hard alloy ceramics combined with either medium chrome or high chrome iron matrix provides a significant working life advantage over standard chrome iron bars.

    • Whilst this material can be very successful in secondary applications, it should not be used for primary crushing or very hard and abrasive applications.
    • E.g. secondary & tertiary crushing of sandstone mine, pre-crushed concrete, asphalt recycling (metal-free), metal ore crushing, etc.
    Chrome Iron Ceramic Composites Blow Bars

    Genuine Alternative Spare Parts - Ceramic Blow Bars Made by GTEK MINING®

    GTEK® offers different designs and manufactures various solutions of blow bar for an extensive range of OEM horizontal impact crusher brands including: Hazemag, Mesto, Kleeman, Rockster, Rubble Master, Powerscreen, Striker, Keestrack, McClosky, Eagle, Tesab, Finlay and others.

    GTEK® "Genuine Alternative" blow bars are designed to extend wear life, provide a perfect interchangeable fitting for your impactor, and increase production rates while decreasing costs-per-ton.

    Notice: The following table does not include all the accessories that we can produce. If you need bars from other brands, or know the OEM serial number of the blow bars that you are looking to replace, or can provide the drawing of the bars that you need to customize, please feel free to contact us by email or call.

    Keestrack R5 Impactor Ceramic Blow Bars
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