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The rotor, being the heart of the Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI), is designed for high capacity with a low power consumption. The wear parts for a VSI rotor are contained both within and on the outer surfaces of the rotor. Different parts have material technology to resist either impact or abrasive wear.

Selection of the correct wear parts for the application required is fundamental to ensure the desired performance.

GTEK holds a huge stock inventory of premium quality compatible spare parts and wear parts to suit a popular range of VSI, including:

  • Metso® Barmac® B Series
  • Sandvik® CV Series
  • Trio® TV Series
  • Terex® Canica

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    Why GTEK VSI Crusher Parts?

    GTEK guarantee a 100% matching to the OEM parts

    GTEK VSI spare parts are trusted by VSI operators all over the world, due to their 100% adaptability and the same quality as the OEM parts;

    Affordable prices with on-time delivery, allows you to easily arrange the order cycle to ensure continuous and stable project operation.

    Affordable prices with on-time delivery, allow you to easily arrange the ordering cycle, a reliable supply chain to keep your project stable.

    GTEK spare parts bring you benefits by premium wear life and service life, our wearing parts minimize the downtime of your machines, thus to reduce the cost per ton.

    GTEK spare parts bring you benefits by premium wear life and service life, our wearing parts minimize the downtime of your machines, thus to reduce the cost per ton.

    GTEK Barmac Rotor Assembly
    GTEK Barmac Rotor Assembly

    Metso Barmac Series Crusher Parts


    Eliminator series rotor is the traditional and well-established style of rotor for Barmac capable of performing in all applications. GTEK holds the most spare and wear parts of this kind of rotor in-stock to support your machine. The features of this rotor are:

    • Solid, well proven design
    • Capable of taking all types of feed types and conditions
    • Segmented tips to maximize lifetime
    • Fits all models of Barmac crushers
    Metso Barmac VSI Crusher Rotor Assembly

    Now GTEK is able to supply the lastet technologies of Metso Barmac VSI rotors, the RC series rotor. It keeps your VSI crusher up and running longer than ever before. The features of this rotor are:

    • Increased wear part lifetime
    • Improved serviceability, less downtime
    • Faster change out of parts
    • Segmented tips to maximize lifetime
    • Fits also to older models
    • Deep rotor technology maximizes capacity
    • Less parts needed to dress a rotor
    • More parts can be changed through the service door
    Barmac RC Series Rotor Assembly

    Barmac B-Series VSI crushers have many different wear parts inside the Rotor. Including:

    • Rotor Tips, Back-up Tips, Tip / Cavity Wear Plates to protect all areas of the exit ports
    • Upper and Lower internal wear plates to protect the inner body of the rotor
    • Internal distributor plate to receive initial entry impact and distribute the material to each port
    • Feed Tube and Feed Eye Ring to guide the material centrally into the rotor
    • Internal Trail plates to maintain rotor stone beds formed during operation

    The wear parts that are worn the most inside the rotor are the Distributor plate, Rotor Tips, Lower wear plates and Feed tube. This happens because these parts have direct contact with the feed material at all times as it passes through the rotor.

    Distributor Plate
    Distributor Plate

    The distributor plate is the wear part that receives the most impact wear(material feeding), and will normally wear out the fastest in standard applications. There is only 1 distributor plate in each dressed rotor.

    Rotor Tip
    Barmac Rotor Tips Front

    The Rotor tips are the last thing to touch the feed material as it exits the rotor. They can have a Tungsten insert that improves wear life. We often use the life of the tips as a reference point for the other rotor wear parts.

    Upper and Lower Wear Plates
    Upper and Lower Wear Plates

    These wear plates are designed to protect the upper and lower faces of the inside of the rotor from the feed material as it passes through the rotor (the material build-up protects the sides).

    Back-up Tips
    Back-up Tips

    The back-up tip is designed to protect the rotor if and when a rotor tip gets broken or worn out. When this happens the Tungsten insert in the rotor tip has split and is now letting feed material run against the Tungsten insert of the back-up tip.

    Tip / Cavity Wear Plates
    Cavity Wear Plates

    Tip / Cavity Wear plates are designed to protect the outside edges of the rotor against excited particles in the crushing chamber. As the rotor spins, it impacts against particles that have rebounded from the chamber build-up after their initial exit from the rotor.

    Trail Plates
    Trail Plates

    The Trail plates are designed to hold in the material build-up inside the rotor behind the rotor tips. They can be the least expensive wear part in a rotor, but as they are responsible for keeping the build-up in place, they are very important.

    Feed Tube
    Feed Tube

    The Feed tube is subject to high abrasive wear as all of the feed material going through the rotor will pass through it. The Feed tube is secured into the Spider assembly of the crusher using a clamp plate and spring handle.

    Feed Eye Ring
    Feed Eye Ring

    The Feed eye ring is subject to minimal wear in normal operating conditions, and in some rotors can be turned 3 times to maximise wear life. The Feed eye ring is secured to the feed opening of the rotor either with bolts or by dropping into slots and rotating to lock.

    Top and Bottom Wear Plates
    Top and Bottom Wear Plates

    The Top and Bottom wear plate are designed to protect the top and bottom outside surfaces of the rotor. The top surface can get worn when the feed tube and feed eye ring are worn letting material though the gap created in the rotor feed opening. The bottom surface can get worn when material build-up in the crusher base becomes excessive and starts pushing upwards against the rotor.

    Genuine Alternative Spare Parts - VSI Crusher Parts Made by GTEK MINING®

    GTEK® offers different designs and manufactures various solutions of blow bar for an extensive range of OEM vertical shaft impact crusher brands including: Metso Barmac, Sandvik CV, Trio TV, Terex Canica and others.

    GTEK® "Genuine Alternative" VSI parts are designed to extend wear life, provide a perfect interchangeable fitting for your machine, and increase production rates while decreasing costs-per-ton.

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