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Hydrocyclone is a common separation and classification equipment. It is widely used in many fields because of its simple structure, small footprint, convenient installation and operation, and low operating cost.

When the slurry enters the hydrocyclone tangentially from the periphery at a certain pressure, due to the difference in granularity between coarse and fine particles, they are also affected differently by centrifugal force, centripetal buoyancy, fluid resistance, etc.

Due to centrifugal sedimentation, most of the coarse particles are discharged through the underflow port of the hydrocyclone, and most of the fine particles are discharged from the overflow port, so as to achieve the purpose of separation and classification.

Hydrocyclone Liner - GTEK

Because liquids, solid particles and other substances are pump into the hydrocyclone at high speed by pressure, they continue to rotate at high speed in the cylinder, collision and friction with the liners of the hydrocyclone. Therefore, the hydrocyclone lining has become the most easily consumed hyrdrocyclone parts. Generally, the service life of the liners of a cyclone cluster is about one year, and the material and quality of the hydrocyclone liners have become the key factors in the service life of a hydrocyclone.

GTEK MINING® is your cost-effective option for wear linings of all major brands of hydrocyclones. We can provide OEM parts service or custom manufacture by required drawings. Depending on your requirements, we can also recommend the best wear material which is suited to your needs.

We Provide All Kinds Of Hydrocyclone Liners

  • Apex/Spigot
  • Vortex Finder
  • Cover Liner
  • Feed Chamber Liner
  • Upper Cone Liner
  • Lower Cone Liner
  • Overflow Pipes
  • Other Hydrocyclone Parts

Materials Of Hydrocyclone Liners

Silicon Carbide (SiC/SiSiC) Hydrocyclone Liners
Silicon Carbide Hydrocyclone Liner - GTEK

Silicon Carbide is known for its extreme wear resistance. It also has ultra-high hardness, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.

In some cases, using silicon carbide as the material for the liners which are easy-wear, such as the cone liner and the spigot liner/apex can reach more than 5 times the service life of high-alumina ceramics.

Therefore, silicon carbide has gradually replaced alumina as the most commonly used ceramic liner material for cyclones. GTEK MINING® adopts integral molding technology to minimize the tolerance range and increase the service life of the hydrocyclone by more than 3 times.

Rubber Hydrocyclone Liners
Rubber Hydrocyclone Liners | GTEK

In recent years, wear-resistant rubber has been used more and more in the cyclone industry. Natural rubber is a wonderful anti-wear material, especially in the treatment of slag slurry.

Rubber has strong stretch resistance and resilience. This is the main factor that constitutes the wear resistance and cut resistance of rubber. When abrasive particles hit the elastic rubber surface, the rubber deforms under pressure, returning most of the kinetic energy to the particles to avoid wear and tear. The rubber itself is wear-resistant, and the elasticity of rubber can absorb and repel impact and friction. It has the characteristic of "overcoming rigidity with softness".

Polyurethane Hydrocyclone Liners
Polyurethane Hydrocyclone Liners | GTEK

Polyurethane elastomer has the characteristics of high strength, abrasion resistance, light weight, and wide application range.

Polyurethane cyclones formed by casting and curing have good wear resistance, especially when dealing with medium and fine particles, they have long service life.

Corundum Ceramic (Alumina) Hydrocyclone Liners
Corundum Ceramic Hydrocyclone Lining | GTEK MINING

Corundum Lining is formed by high temperature sintering of aluminum hydroxide with a content of more than 95%, with a microhardness of 2200-2300kg/mm².

It has extremely high hardness, abrasion resistance, good chemical fluctuation, and can accept the impact and abrasion of high-concentration and large-particle materials for a long time.

Composite Hydrocyclone Liners
SiC & Polyurethane Composite Hydrocyclone Liner

GTEK MINING® can produce composite hydrocyclone linings according to the drawings you provide, such as silicon carbide (inner wall) + polyurethane (outer wall) lining, rubber lining with metal mesh (inside), etc.

If you need composite lining services, please contact us and attach your design drawings. Our expert team will evaluate the feasibility of the plan and get back to you ASAP.

OEM Services Available For

WEIR® CAVEX®  Hydrocyclone Liners
FLSmidth® KREBS® gMAX® Hydrocyclone Liners
  • Please contact us if you need OEM parts services of other brands or need a customized service.

GTEK MINING® - Your Trusted Hydrocyclone Parts Supplier

GTEK® are committed to excellence in customer service and satisfaction. We offer our customers options and through our hydrocyclone wear linings, we aim to reduce your maintenance time and costs and achieve consistent performance from your hydrocyclones.

GTEK® Hydrocyclone Liners have been proved with high quality and cost effectiveness by in-field use of our clients worldwide:

  1. Superior abrasion resistance for long wear life;
  2. High dimensional accuracy and efficient performance;
  3. Improved abrasion characteristics allows for consistent and enhanced separation;
  4. More cost effective than comparable materials.
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