Metal Shredder Wear Parts


Metal & Waste Shredders are machines used for processing a wide range of metal scrap for reducing the size of scrap metals. Wear parts are essential to a shredder’s proper functioning.

GTEK offers a complete line of shredder wear parts and castings for all brands of scrap metal shredders including: Newell™, Lindemann™ and Texas Shredder™.

GTEK is a full-range supplier of metal shredder wear parts. We have cooperated with the leading shredder operators all over the world for more than 8 years. With mature material and metallurgical technology, we can truly provide customers with reliable yet affordable products.

Metal Shredder Wear Parts
Metal Shredder Wear Parts - GTEK™

We Provide Full-Range of Metal Shredder Wear Parts

Metal Shredder Hammer

Shredder hammers play a very important role in a metal scrap shredder. Hammers impart the enormous kinetic energy of a shredder’s spinning rotor onto the metal being shredded. The shredder hemmers basically have four styles that is belt-shaped hammer, standard hammer, light iron hammer and weight efficient hammer. GTEK provides all of them, and the most-frequently replaced wear part is the bell-shaped hammer.

Pin Protectors

Pin protectors protect the long pins that secure the hammers in place. Not only they shield hammer pins, they reduce wear and tear on rotor disks. Pin Protectors also add vital mass to the rotor to preserve kinetic energy input by the motor.

Bottom Grates

The bottom grate ensures that shredded metal does not leave the shredding zone until shredded metal pieces are reduced to the desired size. The bottom grate sustains substantial abrasion and impacts from the rapidly moving metal inside the metal shredder. Bottom grates are often replaced at the same time as anvils and breaker bars.


Liners which include side liners and main liners internally protect the shredder from damage by the metal being shredded. Liners sustain substantial abrasion and impacts from the rapidly moving metal inside the metal shredder.

Caps (rotor and end discs)

Rotor and end disc caps protect the rotor from damage by the metal being shredded. Depending on shredder size, caps can weight hundreds of pounds. Caps are replaced after about 10-15 hammer replacements, or about every 2-3 weeks of operations.

Breaker Bars / Anvils

Breaker bars provide internal reinforcement against the impact force of hammers on metal being shredded. Anvils provide an internal surface where feedstock material is introduced into the shredder and initially impacted by the hammers.

Reject Doors

Reject doors allow removal of unshreddable material and sustain substantial abrasion and impacts from metal being shredded.

Front Walls

Front walls sustain substantial abrasion and impacts from metal being shredded.

Avaliable Materials of Metal Shredder Hammers

  • High Manganese Steel, Alloy Steel, Mn13, Mn13Cr2, Mn13CrMo, Mn18, Mn18Cr2, etc.
  • Customized material available
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