Rubber Sheet For Mining & Aggregate


GTEK Rubber Sheet is a unique combination of the strength and resilience of natural rubber. It has been used successfully in equipment for the manufacture, storage and transportation due to its outstanding abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance.

Industrial rubber sheet linings are widely used in a variety fields from mining and aggregate to the food and hygienic industries. at GTEK, we produce rubber sheet linings, by using the highest quality natural latex direct from local rubber plantations, combined with our propreietary manufacturing process.

GTEK retains the original characteristics of natural rubber to the greatest extent. Meanwhile, our unique process provides it superior performance when compared to other wear materials.

Rubber Sheets for Mining & Aggregate

Nowadays, mining industry demands a wide stock of Anti Abrasive Rubber Sheets for providing the best solution to reduce cut, wear & tear of the equipments. Whether used in Cyclones, Separators, Classifiers, Vessels, Chutes or Pipe lining, GTEK rubber products are trusted and recognized by our clients worldwide.

Rubber Sheet for Pipelines

No matter in elbows or straight pipes, GTEK can provide rubber sheet solutions for specific situation. They can be perfectly bonded in your pipeline, bring a longer service life and less downtime. Our rubber products has been proven their performance in varity pipeline projects, such as feed and discharge pipes of Ball Mills, SAG Mills; feed and discharge pipes of Hydrocyclone Clusters; Feed pipes of Flotation Machines, etc.

Rubber Sheet for Cyclones

GTEK fully bonded lining provides a durable and resilient protective rubber coating to the hydrocyclone products.

The high resilience and flexibility of our natural rubber permits to fold it, bend it or roll it on every surface so to line the most irregular and complicated shapes.

GTEK rubber sheet has successfully protected hydrocyclone parts like: Distributors and Desilting Tanks of the Cyclone Cluster.

Other Rubber Sheet Liner

GTEK has a wealth of experience in applying our wear-resistant natural rubber to various occasions with high levels of wear, such as: Surface of Wet Drum Magnetic Separator, Impeller of Agitator, Flotation Machine, Chutes, Tanks, etc.

These rubber sheets reduce the wear and tear of the material handling equipments thus increasing the productivity and the life of the machine.

Each of the rubber sheets is designed specifically depending upon the different requirements and the working conditions of the mining industry.

Why GTEK Rubber Sheet?

Traditional dry processing is based on shearing the rubber during the mixing process. This will reduce the average molecular weight distribution and cause a significant drop in properties and performance.

In contrast, our proprietary liquid compounding method can gently mix latex with minimal damage to the microstructure of the rubber. This results in the product basically conforming to natural expectations; strong, resilient and resistant to abrasion.

After years of research and improvement, GTEK Rubber Sheet has gradually become the economical alternative to Linatex® Rubber Sheet. Bring the best equipment protection and the lowest replacement cost to our customers.

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Typical Physical Properties

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