What are cone crusher mantles & bowl liners?

Cone crushers are widely used in the mining and aggregates industries to reduce the size of blasted rock by compressing the material between two manganese liners: the mantle and the bowl liner (concave ring).

The mantle covers the cone head to protect it from wear; we can see it as a sacrificial wear liner that sits on the cone head.

The bowl liner, also known as concave, is the sacrificial wear liner that sets inside the upper frame to protect the upper accessories of the cone crusher.

GTEK cone crusher mantle and bowl liner are engineered to improve efficiency and reduce costs by extending wear life and minimizing downtime.

Why GTEK Mantle & Bowl Liner

Standard cast in Mn13Cr2 | Mn18Cr2 | Mn22Cr2

With several metallurgy options, our experts recommend the best material to suit your application based on their knowledge and experience. GTEK is a crusher parts foundry that you can count on.

More than 650 types of cast molds, including gyrotary crusher liners

Our massive database and mold inventory ensure that you can get any crushing cavities from the most popular cone crushers, and guarantee 100% availability.

Typical delivery time 35 days, parts without an existing mold 45 days

Our strong casting and machining capability and strict production schedule arrangement, make sure your order is trackable in any steps. Deliver the goods without any delay beyond the expected lead time.

Premium Cone Crusher Liners Made by GTEK

GTEK "Genuine Alternative" mantles and concaves are cast according to the OEM standard and then heavy machined to meet the specification and tolerance. We are proud to provide our clients with a diverse range of needs.

From mantles weighing as little as 100 kilograms to huge gyrotary crusher liners exceeding 10 tons, we have the ability to deliver them with precision and efficiency.

After decades of accumulation, we have successfully cast over a thousand types of mantle and bowl liners. And we have kept the most molds of the popular models in stock, which allows us to expedite casting and delivery processes efficiently.

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Supported Models*

*NOTE: All manufacturer names, part numbers, model numbers, and descriptions are used for reference and identification purposes only, they are owned by the respective machine manufacturer. All parts supplied are manufactured and warranted by GTEK and are not manufactured by or purchased from the Original Equipment Manufacturer. GTEK has no association with the OEM and does not intend to give this impression.

* Supported models is not updated in real time; check our online shop for more supported models

Traceable Quality

GTEK maintains full traceability for all castings produced. Each casting comes with below reports and we keep them three years for possible quality tracing. These reports are not delivered with castings unless required.

Dimension Inspection Report

Heat Treatment Record and Traceable Foundry Heat Number

Chemical Composition Report

Metallurgical Options

The mantle and concave are often made of austenitic manganese steel, a material well known for its work hardening capability. GTEK offers a range of standard and premium alloys to choose from that meet your specific needs. These alloys form the base for our wear liners, and all are made from manganese steel - a mixtrue manganese, carbon and chromium.

More than Mantle and Bowl Liners

We are committed to providing you with a one-stop solution by supporting your cone crusher with comprehensive aftermarket spare parts.

We also produce and keep stock of everything from backing materials to bronzes and forgings, from gear and pinions to the main frames.

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