Jaw Plates or Jaw Dies are the most frequently replaced wear parts of the jaw crusher, so the quality of the jaw die is one of the most important factors that determine the crushing efficiency and operating time.

A set of jaw plates are composed of the movable (swing jaw) and fixed jaw plate (stationary jaw). Compression of material undergoing crushing in a jaw crusher is achieved when the movable jaw die presses the feed against the fixed jaw die. The rock remains in the jaw of the crushing machine until it is small enough to pass through the gap towards the bottom of the jaws.

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    Why Choose GTEK MINING® Jaw Plates

    Thanks to our vast database and mold inventory, GTEK now is able to supply the jaw plates for a variety brands and models, with complete tooth shape range for different applications and guarantee 100% avaliability.

    Our strong foundry capability with strict production schedule arrangement, make sure your order trackable in any steps. Deliver the goods without any delay than the expect lead time.

    We recommend the best metallurgical option for your jaw plates. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to minimize your cost per ton by selecting the proper material upon application.


    Genuine Alternative Jaw Plates Made by GTEK®

    GTEK "Genuine Alternative" jaw plates are casted according to the OEM standard, then be heavy machined to meet the specification and tolerance.

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    We are holding a vast mold inventory for a wide crusher seires. The jaw crusher plates we can supply include but are not limited to those listed below:


    *NOTE: All manufacturer names, part numbers, model numbers and descriptions are used for reference and identification purposes only, they are owned by the respective machine manufacturer. All parts supplied are manufactured and warranted by GTEK and are not manufactured by or purchased from the Original Equipment Manufacturer. GTEK has no association with the OEM and do not intend to give this impression.

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    GTEK Premium Manganese Jaw Liners

    Both stationary and movable jaw die could be flat surfaced or corrugated. In general, jaw plates are made of high manganese steel which is the dominant wear material.

    High manganese steel is also known as Hadfield manganese steel, a steel whose manganese content is very high and which possesses austenitic properties. Such plates are not only extremely tough but are also quite ductile and work-harden with use.

    We offer jaw plates in 13%, 18% and 22% grades of manganese with chromium ranging from 2%-3%. Additional element additions can be customized upon requirements, such as Mo0.5 (molybdenum) or ceramic insert.

    We keep a chemistry inspection report for each order even each plate.

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